You may have come into contact with fluoropolymer coating, when using non-stick cookware. But, there is a good chance you were not aware of it, and you are probably not sure what this coating is. Fluoropolymers are nothing new; they have been around since the 1930s, but the number of varieties has increased greatly since then.

The number of applications for fluoropolymer coating is high, and demand for its use has continued to increase over the years. So, what is fluoropolymer coating, and which applications is it commonly used for?

An explanation of fluoropolymer coating

Let’s start by saying that a polymer is a type of chemical compound. It contains a lot of molecules, with a low mass. Polymers are varied, and include plastic, rubber and wool. A fluoropolymer is a polymer which contains strong carbon-fluoride bonds. There are many types of fluoropolymer, some of which have brand names, such as Teflon.

One of the biggest advantages of fluoropolymers is that they are non-stick. This is why fluoropolymer coating is so often used in that non-stick cookware we mentioned earlier. Fluoropolymers are also resistant to corrosion, and they perform well in high temperatures. Add to these details, the fact that fluoropolymers are insulators, and you can see why fluoropolymer coating is so much in demand.

What applications are fluoropolymer coatings used for?

Products are coated with fluoropolymer coatings to increase the amount of time that they last, and to help ensure that they perform at the optimum level.

Applications for this type of coating include:

  • Insulating the wiring in planes. Using the coatings for this purpose helps to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out while the plane is in the air.
  • To prevent substances from sticking during printing processes. Many industrial printers make use of fluoropolymers, to help protect trays and rollers from sticking. This makes the equipment easier to clean.
  • In the bread making process. Bakers use fluoroploymer coating to prevent dough from sticking to molds and trays.
  • During the manufacture of vehicles. If you have driven a car that has gears, you may have benefited from the use of fluoropolymer coating, without knowing it. The coatings can assist in the prevention of friction, which makes them ideal for use in parts of vehicles, such as the gears. The use of fluoroplymer coating helps to lengthen the lifespan of the cars you buy.

You may never have thought much about fluoropolymer coating in the past; it’s not something that most people know a lot about. But, it’s something that has a major effect on everyday life. You can see that industry makes great use of this type of coating in many areas. It’s range of use has increased since it was introduced in the 1930s, and seems set to continue to increase, well into the future.